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The Brainstorming the Funk Away Free E-mail Course is for any creator who has a little trouble sometimes with creative block.

That’s right, you read that correctly. This course is free for everyone, no gimmicks! It’s an email course that takes place over the course of 7 days, right in your own inbox – so no searching for a link to get into the course, and no forgetting to do your lesson for the day!

I’ll be teaching you techniques to help combat your creative block and how to really dig deep into your motivations for creating the things you do. That means this course is great for hobbyists, beginners, semi-pros, or full blown professionals who are looking for some help moving forward.


What you can expect from this course:

– How writing lists can help you get a clearer vision to break through your barriers

– How the projects you’ve already created can help you create new things

– Trying new things to trigger your creativity, and how this may help you narrow down your vision

– Where to find new ideas when you are drawing a blank

– Exercises to work your creative brainpower and muscles

– Organizational skills to keep track of your ideas better

– How to write your goals, and why you should do it

– FREE 16 page workbook to print out so you can follow along and fill in the blanks


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Brainstorming the Funk Away FREE E-mail Course | Break Your Block


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