25 Character Prompts to Get You Creating

Prompts are one of the best ways to get yourself out of a funk and get your juices flowing. They trigger things in you that maybe you hadn’t thought about. Ideas to help you dig deeper into your craft and into the details of what you are creating. Character prompts focus on developing your characters and creating deeper personalities and stories for them.

This list is specifically for character building. It’s meant to help you get to know your characters a little better by answering (in as much or little detail as you’d like) the questions. It is also meant to get you creating new characters that maybe you wouldn’t normally work with.

I have used prompts for plenty of situations, from fueling my creativity enough to start working again, to helping me come up with some fun plot twists and side plots for my novels – they are endlessly useful in breaking your creative block, no matter what may be blocking you.

While these are generally used by writers, they work really well for artists as well. In order to use them for art, simply do a quick sketch of your character in a way that portrays the prompt in some way (you’ll have a great time with number 3!).

That being said, here are 25 character prompts to get you started!


25 Character Prompts to Get You Creating | Break Your Block Good for writers and artists alike, for developing deeper characters and stories to put them in

  1. What is your character’s favourite childhood memory?
  2. Write a detailed character description for an unknown god.
  3. Describe how your character would react if left in a room full of kittens.
  4. What flaw(s) does your character have? What good can come of those flaws?
  5. Describe an embarrassing incident in your character’s life.
  6. What would your character do if they woke up in the middle of the forest with no recollection of how they got there?
  7. There’s an evacuation order for the city. What are five things your character wouldn’t leave behind?
  8. Your character finds himself strapped to a chair in a strange place and can’t remember how he got there.
  9. What is your character afraid of?
  10. What is your character’s stance on aliens and UFOs?
  11. Does your character believe in ghosts?
  12. Describe the relationship between your character and their parents.
  13. What are five things your character cannot stand?
  14. Create a new character that is the opposite of your protagonist in every way.
  15. What do you hate about your protagonist? What about your antagonist do you love?
  16. Describe the superpower your character would have (and whether they find it useful or not).
  17. What about your character surprised you? (Sometimes when we write, the characters have a will of their own!)
  18. Write about the secret dream job of your character.
  19. What animal would your character be?
  20. Describe death as a person. Then describe life as a person.
  21. What hobby is your character really into?
  22. How does your character relax after a stressful day?
  23. Pick a random name (using a baby name book or random name generator) and write a character description based on who you think would have that name.
  24. What is your character’s greatest regret?
  25. Create a character based on your favourite song.
So how can these prompts help you?

That’s entirely up to you! Maybe there’s nothing there that immediately triggers an idea for you, but maybe there are a few. Read through them a couple of times and see what it sparks!

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25 Character Prompts to Get You Creating | Break Your Block Good for writers and artists alike, for developing deeper characters and stories to put them in

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